Dire Straits

Imagine a memory. Here it comes >>>>>>> Dire Straits. And all you have of this memory is a feeling, a movement, an emotion. But you can’t remember the name of the band or their song so you can’t share that emotion. You wrack your brain looking for the key that will let the other person into this memory, this feeling. But all the things, the signifiers have disappeared. You struggle and struggle for what seem eons until you realise that this part of you has evaporated. You’re sure that what you wanted to tell the other person about was a singular memory and Dire Straits encapsulated it. So it began with wanting to share something intimate to you, to give off yourself and then you find that you no longer have the signifiers that do this. Oh Yeah Dire Straits … We’re back people. No pressure now while you try to remember the lyrics and that line that spoke to you and you are losing it, losing it. Was it Brothers in Arms, you wonder as you plug into Google. But no, it isn’t. When you see it, you know straight away. It was Private Investigations from the Love Over Gold album. And it begins… it’s a mystery to me. Then everything is alright again. You found it. You found it and then everything you lost and worked to find in the terror of losing your mind, that process now makes absolute sense. You can return to forgetting knowing. Here’s what I wanted to share with you. And what was that about Dire Straits again? “What have you got at the end of the day?”


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